“Among all the people I have interviewed for my Hallmark Channel show, MIRACLES, ANGELS, & AFTERLIFE, Henry Smiley is one of the most memorable…His intuitive gift--resulting from an near-death experience--is not only amazing, but Henry is perfectly articulate in describing what he understands about the underpinnings of Spirit that avails that gift to all of us. He will have a prominent place in my upcoming Doubleday book, JOURNEY OF LIGHT: Healing Our Spiritual Connections.”

Peter Schockey (TN)
“For years I have trusted the council of Henry Smiley. He is a truly balanced man of power with a compassionate heart and clear desire to be of service to others.”

Louise Asher (MI)
Master Psychic
“I’ve known Henry for a number of years and he has consistently expressed a high level of compassion that is absolutely genuine. I have been impressed with his predilection to receive intuitive information, not for me necessarily, but for people I might know who need help in some way from me. Henry really does his inner work – he has related many useful insights he’s received, a number of which I used in my book THE PRESENT MOMENT, because they provided a wonderful nugget of inspiration or a simple but profound teaching.”

Penney Peirce (CA)
DREAMS FOR DUMMIES, www.intuitnow.com

“Henry is sensitive, open, and receptive to the human spirit and the Spirit of God. He lives life in a holistic way not abandoning the body, mind or soul. He is a fellow adventurer in this journey of life.”

Michael Nunley (TN)
Composer, Equestrian Foreman, Visionary
“Henry has been able to put things in perspective for me. He has seen through the extraneous noise associated with several different issues in my life and pulled me back to center. His is one of the most spiritual people I have ever known, and has a wonderful empathic ability.”

Richard Lane (TN)
Network Cabling Manager
“God is purposeful…Those that He puts in our lives come to us for a purpose…Henry was placed in my life to give guidance and healing…His nonjudgmental approach opens dialogue and, I believe, a true connection to universal love…”

Maudie L. Holm, Ph.D. (OH)
Professor, Actress

“Henry Smiley has a true gift of insight and compassion. He has been very helpful to me and others I know. He is clearly a person with enormous spiritual gifts, one who uses these gifts in the serivce of others.”

The Rev. Anne Stevenson (TN)
Episcopal minister
“In the summer of 1995 Henry walked into my herb shoppe. He asked if I could make a certain formula for him. As I made the formula I felt myself get more energetic. I get the same response from many people who have tried this formula. I named this formula ‘SMILEY’S CLEAR PATH’. I became aware that Henry possessed unique energy and vision- he is one of the ONES that I call ‘Wands of Light.’ I am a Mystic and whether I am ‘soaring with the wind’ or ‘trying to hide under the nearest rock’, Henry has known when I needed to talk with someone who would understand – this my friends is my FRIEND, Henry Smiley.”

Brenda Ratthe (FL)
Ordained Minister, Master Herbalist, DN, Friend
“Henry Smiley is a sincere, spiritual, intelligent, and wise person. His intuitive insight is beyond description, other than it is God-given. His life is centered on God, his family, and his ability to be of service to his fellow human beings.”

Don Neuen (CA)
Professor, UCLA
Director of the Crystal Cathedral, Hour of Power Choir
“In the past few years, I've probably had more than twenty sessions with Henry-from brief phone calls to weekend retreats. His insights for me and for my family have been very accurate and very true. He delivers the insights he receives with warmth, love, caring, and concern. Henry is a shinning light in my life - a constant source of encouragement and guidance to help me reconnect with Spirit.”

Dr. Martin Jones (SC)
Management Consultant

Henry has tapped into and developed a resource that enables him to inform people and provide them with guidance in a most unpretentious manner.  In fact, a message Henry passed on to me requested that I check the fire alarms in my home.  Upon checking both alarms that evening, I discovered that both batteries were not connected properly, rendering the alarms useless.  That was divine intervention! 

Alyson Jobling (OH)


"Just as there are cycles in nature, the same exists in our lives. The trick is to know when to be actively involved in our lives and when to be still and listening."

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